El Salvador establishes a Bitcoin embassy in the US

El Salvador is not stopping in its quest to evangelize the world to Bitcoin. After Switzerland, Nayib Bukele’s country is now setting its sights on the United States by opening a Bitcoin embassy in Texas, one of the most cryptocurrency-friendly states in the world.

After Switzerland, Texas is El Salvador’s new target to promote Bitcoin

El Salvador discovered the wonders of Bitcoin two years ago and wants to strengthen its strategy by establishing partnerships with other countries. After opening its first embassy in Switzerland last October, the country is now looking to set up a second one in Texas.

This Bitcoin embassy will be an office representing El Salvador in Texas, where new projects to promote Bitcoin adoption will be handled. El Salvador’s ambassador to the U.S., Milena Mayorga, announced the news on her Twitter account on Tuesday, February 14, after a meeting with Texas Assistant Secretary of State, Joe Esparza and other representatives from El Salvador.

She also revealed that last year, her country and the state of Texas exchanged goods and services worth $1,244,636,983.

In my meeting with Texas Undersecretary of Government Joe Esparza, we discussed the opening of the second Bitcoin Embassy and the expansion of trade and economic exchange projects

Mayorga’s statement

Could Texas legalize Bitcoin after El Salvador’s embassy opens?

It’s highly likely, as Texas leads the U.S. in Bitcoin-friendly states. It is also home to major Bitcoin mining companies, such as:

In addition, Texas lawmakers are currently preparing a bill to develop the blockchain industry in the state, with proposals for tax-free purchases in Bitcoin. So, we can hope for an upcoming legalization of the queen of cryptos in this American state.

It is clear that Texas is among the states that give hope to a legalization of Bitcoin in the next few years, and El Salvador’s intention to create a crypto embassy in the country is proof of that.

In any case, El Salvador firmly believes that Bitcoin can change the world. President Nayib Bukele, a strong supporter of Satoshi’s invention, is willing to do anything to promote the currency, even to establish Bitcoin embassies. Thanks to Bitcoin, El Salvador has even managed to pay off its debts. Exciting, isn’t it?