ChatGPT, $1 Million Bitcoin and the End of the Dollar in 2030

Artificial intelligence software ChatGPT has predicted that Bitcoin will reach $1 million in 2030 while the dollar collapses. These predictions are speculative and should be taken with caution. They are, however, consistent with the direction of the financial markets.

Bitcoin on a steady rise year after year

For a few months now, ChatGPT is in the center of the world news. Every day, the famous artificial intelligence software is used by millions of people to get answers to all kinds of questions. ChatGPT has a reputation for having the answer to everything, and one Bitcoin investor wanted to know THE answer to THE question: what will Bitcoin be worth in 2030?

ChatGPT then kindly replied that Bitcoin’s value will be $1 million by 2030. AI also predicted an increasing rise in its value year after year, except in 2027.

The price increase suggested by ChatGPT seems “realistic” compared to the history of Bitcoin. However, it is still far below the expectations and predictions of Balaji Srinivasan. The former technical director of Coinbase recently stated that the Bitcoin will be worth $1 million by June 18, 2023 !

ChatGPT also predicts the end of the Dollar

ChatGPT was also asked to give its opinion on the value of the US dollar. Its answer is simple: an increasing decline of the U.S. dollar against Bitcoin. Indeed, ChatGPT provides that the dollar will be worth 100 satoshis in 2030. At the time of writing this article, the dollar is worth about 3490 satoshis.

Of course, it’s best to take its predictions in jest, as no one can predict the future prices of Bitcoin and the U.S. dollar with certainty.

However, ChatGPT’s predictions are consistent with general trends in the financial market. We see that as Bitcoin gains traction, fiat currencies are being hit hard by inflation and loss of value. Even developed countries are not avoiding it. This is not an incentive to invest, but a simple call to do more research and draw your own conclusions. To help you do so, do not hesitate to follow us!