BTC sales outstrip output from Bitcoin miners in October 2023

October proved to be a remarkable month in cryptocurrencies, particularly for Bitcoin miners. In the midst of a 26% monthly rise in the value of BTC, leading miners made the exceptional choice of selling more BTC than they had issued.

Record Bitcoin sales by miners in October 2023

The Bitcoin market experienced a period of frenetic activity in October, marked by a 26% monthly rise in the price of BTC. However, an intriguing trend has emerged, prompting leading Bitcoin miners to sell more than 5,492 BTC more than their usual monthly production.

According to reports, 13 of the largest Bitcoin mining entities have been identified as having sold more than BTC than they had mined during the month of October, despite this significant increase in the price of Bitcoin.

Visit data from TheMinerMag reveal that major players such as Marathon Digital Holdings and Core Scientific Inc. have achieved a sales-to-production ratio in excess of 100%. This means that they have not only sold their entire monthly production of BTC, but also part of their existing reserves.

Even more surprising figures come from Hut 8 and Bit Digital which sold more than 300% of their BTC tokens produced in October. These figures contrast sharply with the sales-to-production ratios of 64%, 77% and 77% recorded in July, August and September respectively.

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Bitcoin miners outsell their production in October 2023

BTC mining strategy and preparing Halving Bitcoin

The motivation behind this intense wave of sales appears to be multi-factorial. First and foremost, miners are seeking to capitalize on Bitcoin’s price recovery. Then, could there be a deeper reason behind their actions? For example, preparation for the Halving Bitcoin is scheduled for early next year.

The Halving is an event that occurs approximately every four years in the Bitcoin protocol. It results in halve mining rewards. This means that miners will receive half as much BTC for each block mined. To cope with this reduction in incentives, miners may have chosen to strengthen their financial position by liquidating part of their BTC holdings.

However, will they invest the recovered money in more powerful mining hardware in an attempt to maintain their bitcoin revenue levels from Q2 2024 onwards?


This strategic decision is of crucial importance for the sustainability of their operations, as it prepares them to withstand the impending reduction in bitcoin miners’ incentives. The volatile nature of the crypto market demands careful financial management, and this move by miners to sell more BTC is testament to their proactive approach to ensuring their long-term stability.

Or have they simply been using this liquidity in preparation for the altcoin season that’s already looming?