Beaugrenelle mall now accepts Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

Under the Mirabeau bridge flows the Seine and our cryptos remember it. Acceptance will always come after the pain. An acceptance that begins tomorrow at the Beaugrenelle center. Cryptocurrency holders, the sales are early this year.

Beaugrenelle becomes France’s first pro-crypto mall

Ah Beaugrenelle. Not far from there is the Grenelle bridge, allowing access to the Statue of Liberty on the Swan Island, equidistant from the famous Maison de la Radio and the Beaugrenelle shopping center.

Why this guided tour, you may ask? Well, this is the neighborhood of my childhood and this mall, which saw the birth of the first cinema designed by ORA-ITO, the father of Metaverses, is now the first mall to accept payment in cryptocurrency in France!

For this to be made possible, merchants will necessarily have to be equipped with an app or cryptocurrency wallets.

In times of crisis and decline of activity in many sectors, it’s not going to be easy to equip and train all merchants to cash cryptocurrencies. Especially since not all merchants use the same tools to cash out purchases! Unless….

A simple solution to easily do your shopping in Beaugrenelle!

A gift card to make your purchases

Don’t panic, the solution is simple! Start by downloading the Lyzi app and buy a Beaugrenelle gift card with your cryptocurrencies. All you have to do is use the card in the store of your choice! Can it get any easier?

Lyzi, the app that democratizes cryptocurrencies with Beaugrenelle

Lyzi is a payment, cryptocurrency buying/selling and cashback app that aims to democratize the use of cryptoassets in our daily lives.

Winner of the Fintech Finance Innovation label, the app which already accepts 21 crypto-currencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Tezos, Litecoin and USDT in addition to the Euro has some great partners. Casino, Paris&co,, Finance innovation, Lugh, Wilco and Novaskin to name a few.

In addition to facilitating the purchase of cryptos, Lyzi allows merchants to create their own loyalty program (cashback, custom rewards program) and to create ambassador tokens. That’s right, Lyzi customers will be able to easily create their own cryptocurrencies.

Finally, the icing on the cake, Lyzi has its own asset, the EASY in collaboration with the Toulouse-based exchange Zebitex.

After NRC and Shopify , Cloudflare and now Beaugrenelle, which company will announce its entry into the world of blockchain? Although delayed, the adoption in the blue white and red hexagon is in full swing!