ETH – Let’s break your ATH!

While its buddy Bitcoin is off to new horizons, ETH is a little behind despite a return to the $4,000 level. Can we already imagine a return to ETH ATH? Or is it too early for this young wolf?

Warning This article does not constitute investment advice or an invitation to invest. It is for information purposes only. You are solely responsible for your trading and investment decisions.

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A crucial point about ETH, the token of the Ethereum network

Ethereum’s startup remains a strength and shows its resilience over time! It has enabled a major step forward in blockchain, bringing the smart-contracts to highly relevant uses! It is the king of altcoins, as it is the most widely capitalized altcoin. The altcoin season in particular!

ETH ATH, Ethereum, crypto, Ethereum, Ethereum, long-term vision in logarithmic – ETH/USDT weekly on Binance
Ethereum, long-term vision in logarithmic – ETH/USDT weekly on Binance

What we can see at the moment is that it has returned to the sellers’ reload zone, in red, and is making for its last weekly resistance. After that, it’s freewheeling, just like Bitcoin. Its long-term channel seems very relevant, especially as the price stops at around the middle of this channel, which is a resistance/support zone in general.

What does the future hold for ETH?

I’m not Madame Irma. I’m not Madame Irma. Well, I’ll say what I think anyway.

Basically on the ETH token

First of all, the update Duncan is coming tomorrow, this one is a big step that will allow the decrease of fees on all Ethereum’s secondary networks, it’s great… But we clearly would have preferred to have the same thing on ETH itself, which with an explosion of volatility will soon allow us to make freemints at $100 fees, a bliss!

The other point is whether or not ETFs will be validated for the month of May. This is a HUGE step, given the impact they’ve had on Bitcoin. However, it’s not certain that the SEC will validate them so easily, as they’re finding it hard not to consider it as a security. We shall see. However, acceptance could take ETH to unexplored horizons, and we tend to talk about $5,000-$6,000. But in reality, between a massive token burn linked to the volatility of the network and potential large investors, the market cap and the token price could well soar even higher!

10,000 being a viable target at first sight, but we can afford to dream for more…

ETH:USDT weekly chart, should we expect an ETH ATH?

ETH ATH, Ethereum, crypto, trading, ETH max target for current bullrun – ETH/USDT weekly chart on TradingView
ETH max target for current bullrun – ETH/USDT weekly chart on TradingView

If we stay within our channel and target the logical end of the bullrun for 2025, then the top of this channel is between $10,000 and $15,000, which would be relevant with the quick analysis above. However, we must be careful not to be too greedy! Selling in increments and on key locations remains of paramount importance! I particularly recommend the course I wrote a course on Cryptocademia for sales methods, it will be live soon if you want to make up your own mind.

What to keep in mind when facing an ETH ATH?

We need to remain cautious and humble in the face of a market that continues to grow. It’s true that we’ve been through the bear market. But it’s also worth remembering that 95% of people don’t make money on the financial markets. In fact, it’s essential to take the time to educate yourself and stick to your long-term plan.
While Ethereum’s price could go through the roof, especially with the influx of ETF liquidity, it could also take a big slap in the face if it doesn’t. You’ll need a lot of strength to sell assets, even much more than it takes to buy them. So stay on the lookout, and don’t change your mind once you’ve opened your positions!