Sunmoney, the Sun at the service of Blockchain

At the Blockchain Economy Summit, where Coinpri was proud to be a media partner, I had the opportunity to interview Peter Bahorecz, Chief Networking Officer, SunMoney Solar Group. Ready to learn more about the project? Let’s go!

Can you please introduce yourself and your role at SunMoney?

As the Chief Networking Officer of SunMoney Solar Group, my role is multifaceted and involves various aspects including product development, system development, education, online marketing, opening markets, and tasks related to community growth. This comprehensive role allows me to contribute significantly to the company’s mission of making solar investments accessible to everyone.

What is the core mission of SunMoney Solar Group?

Our core mission revolves around the idea of making solar investments accessible to everyone. We aim to encourage financial participation in environmental protection across the globe. Our motto succinctly captures our mission: “Make money, save the planet!” We believe that financial incentives can be a powerful driver for promoting environmental responsibility.

How does SunMoney Solar Group differentiate itself from other solar energy companies?

SunMoney Solar Group differentiates itself through its unique Community Solar Power Plant program, which is accessible to everyone, regardless of geographical location. Our members not only benefit from the power plants’ production but also from the community’s growth. This hybrid system makes us unique in the renewable energy sector. Currently, our community consists of over 50,000 members from 60 countries.

Can you explain the SunMoney token? What is its utility within your ecosystem?

We created the SDBN token family to make our program accessible to everyone. The low entry level (0.01 – 0.015 USDT) allows anyone to join the program and enjoy the benefits arising from community growth. These tokens have accelerated our growth and democratized access to solar investments.

What are the key features of your platform that set it apart in the renewable energy sector?

Our platform offers several unique features. These include a low entry threshold, monthly payouts, dynamic growth, integration of other eco-friendly technologies, and accessibility to anyone. These features set us apart in the renewable energy sector and make solar investment more attractive and accessible.

How does blockchain technology fit into SunMoney Solar Group’s business model?

Blockchain technology plays a crucial role in our business model. We targeted crypto investors with our SDBN tokens and believe that blockchain technology, due to its high security and transparency, will be the basis for future settlement and record-keeping systems. Therefore, we are transferring more of our products to the blockchain.

Can you tell us about your partnerships and collaborations?

We collaborate with several NGOs (including the UN) and businesses engaged in green technological developments. When their products reach a developmental stage that we can incorporate into our system, we ensure continuous development and revenue growth for our community.

How does SunMoney Solar Group ensure the sustainability and efficiency of its solar farms?

We always use the latest technology in our solar farms. For instance, the incorporation of rotating solar parks is increasingly in progress. In the next step, we plan to equip the solar power plants with energy storage systems, further enhancing their efficiency and sustainability.

How do you ensure the security and transparency of investments made on your platform?

SunMoney Solar Group has been operating for over ten years with complete transparency. All our parks are available on the website with technical parameters and can be checked. Each park has long-term contracts for the sale of electric power, property, damage, and performance insurance, ensuring the security of investments.

What are the challenges you’ve faced in the renewable energy market, and how have you overcome them?

One of the challenges we’ve faced in the renewable energy market is the misconception that environmentally friendly means poor returns. For a decade now, we have proven this to be false. Moreover, with our community program, we can maximize this profit.

SunMoney Solar Group has a presence in the UAE, a region known for its oil wealth. How does solar energy fit into the energy landscape there?

Our power plants are located in Europe, where energy prices, and thus profits, are higher. However, we are always exploring opportunities for expansion, including in regions like the UAE.

Solar energy is often touted as a green alternative, but the production of solar panels and batteries involves some environmental costs. How does SunMoney Solar Group address the “grey” aspects of solar energy?

We have a dedicated educational system that addresses misconceptions about the environmental impact of solar energy production. We provide factual data and examples to educate our members and the public.

What’s next for SunMoney Solar Group? Any upcoming projects or announcements you can share?

We’re introducing zero emission tire processing containers, which will be given as a gift in the form of SDBN3Plus tokens to SDBN3 token buyers. We’re also launching a new app to encourage our members to move for various rewards, providing them with an additional source of income.

How can people get involved or invest in SunMoney Solar Group?

Since we are a closed community, a sponsor and a referral link provided by the sponsor are required to join us. This is how we ensure future assistance and financial stability.

In three words, how would you describe SunMoney Solar Group?

  • Environmental protection;
  • Community;
  • Real passive income.