AREON, the easiest Layer 1 on the market!

At the recent Blockchain Economy Summit, where Coinpri was proud to be a media partner, I had the opportunity to interview Deniz Percin, from the Areon team, a Layer-1 that aims to be the most accessible on the market. Ready to find out why and, more importantly, how? Let’s go!

Can you introduce yourself, your experience, and how you discovered blockchain?

I am Deniz Percin, Heads of Marketing at Areon. I am a curious marketer with a passion for financial technologies. I have a background in FinTech companies in various positions but mostly as a team leader.

I have been engaged with blockchain technologies for the past 5 years. I enjoy generating content and campaigns that simplify and demystify this technology for our audience.

What is Areon in simple terms? How would you explain it to a child or an elderly person?

Areon is a fast and cheap financial technology. You can use it to send and receive money instantly, securely and privately. It’s a like a powerful computer which anyone can use.

On your website, you claim that Areon is the most comprehensive blockchain/layer1 project crypto has ever seen. Can you elaborate?

Most blockchain projects, even the layer 1s like us, simply focus on receiving investment and getting listed exchanges. Then… they disappear.

Areon wants to become a convenient “go-to source” for your daily needs: Sending-receiving money, accessing dApps to manage your finances, developing your new cool business idea on a cheap chain, with low transaction fees…

Areon has several components: a powerful blockchain, a metaverse, an NFT marketplace, an AI companion, a development lab, a wallet, a dedicated block scanner and more.

You have a unique consensus mechanism called Proof of Area?

We took Proof of Stake and added a clever twist to make it more interesting for investors.

Anyone can join staking on Areon Network. But validators have unique perks.

If you own 10K $AREA, you can purchase a land in our metaverse. You can use that digital space to build an app, to advertise or to loan it to someone else.

These additional benefits help us find trusted nodes for the chain and combat selling pressure more effectively, because investors have additional incentives to hold the coin.

We call it Proof of Area.

What is Areon City? Is it the official metaverse of Areon?

Areon City is our metaverse and a key component of our network, due to its direct relationship with the Proof of Area consensus mechanism.

We are building a digital financial hub for brands to represent themselves and for end-users to securely interact with these companies.

Areon City land holders will be eligible for the validator role in our chain as well.

You are currently in testnet; when is the mainnet launch planned?

We will take our time with testnet and make sure that we are keeping our promise with the chain speed and strength as we announced: 600,000 TPS and 100 ms transaction speed.

Once we have enough data in our hands, we will launch the mainnet. We are glad to see that we reached 1 Million transactions and 250,000 testers in one week.

Can you tell us more about the team, their experience, and your backers?

We have a diverse team with multinational backgrounds. Most executives are scattered around Europe, in Sweden, Germany, Netherlands and Malta.

We also have an office in Turkey and Dubai.

Our executives and managers have blockchain and financial technologies background. Our developer team lead was an early member of Ethereal project previously.

Areon Network is a privately funded project. We don’t have any backers and we reject VC offers to remain decentralized and to protect our investors against selling pressure.

What is the use case for your token? Where can we find information about the tokenomics?

We started our journey as a token on Binance Smart Chain. We wanted to explain and introduce our project to people and we gave them the option to invest in it.

We are proud to say that over 100K people joined our community and became Areon investors in less than two years.

Once we launch our mainnet, tokens will be replaced with coins on a 1:1 basis. Our main appeal is to provide instant transactions with extremely low gas fees.

Our long term business goal is to become a reliable and convenient blockchain, so the basics will be extremely cheap and useful. Then we will start developing and selling new products.

You can visit our Docs to access our tokenomics.

Where can we buy your token? Is there an ICO?

We don’t have an ICO. Our token $AREA is available on several exchanges, including Bitget, MEXC and Pancake Swap.

Do we really still need more Layer 1 solutions when we have Ethereum and several Layer 2 for scalability?

We certainly do. The more chains we have in competition, the more benefits for end users.

If we stop creating new infrastructures for our crypto technologies, we will be limited by the problems of existing chains.

Revolutionary solutions like Areon will bring a new fresh breath of life to the industry. What is more, the whole blockchain community will be less prone to critical problems and price fluctuations that might occur on Ethereum chain.

Areon Network is arguably cheaper and faster than its competitors. We have nothing to fear.

Layer 1, metaverse, AI—do we really need all of that for a crypto project today?

Since day 1, our motto has been “the most comprehensive project” and we mean it.

You, as an end-user who uses blockchain for its cryptocurrency function, most likely don’t need other elements. You are just sending and receiving money or investing in new assets.

But blockchain is much bigger than its monetary aspect.

We would like to build platforms where the future developers can work on the next best thing, without worrying about the gas fees or transaction speed.

What are the future steps for the project? Can you give us a teaser?

We have an upcoming Hacker’s Week in Q4 where security professionals will test our network for vulnerabilities.

And then of course, we are looking forward to the launch of the mainnet. Our NFT Marketplace and Metaverse are in the pipeline too.

It is safe to say that 2024 will be our year.

What kinds of profiles did you meet at the Blockchain Economy Summit?

We met representatives of exchanges and technology developers from all around the world. We got the chance to show enthusiasts about how our testnet works in our booth.

We also received a lot of VC offers, which we kindly turned down for the sake of decentralization and independence of our project, like we always do.

Personally, I met and had interviews with journalists from major news outlets of blockchain industry, such as yourselves. It was a pleasure to tell them about our project.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Our testnet is free to join and promises rewards for participants. It takes 5 minutes to do it.

What a great chance for you to see the performance in action!

You can visit our website to get started!

Can you summarize Areon in three words?

  1. Layer 1
  2. Revolutionary
  3. Blockchain