FaceArt, the Instagram-Linkedin Killer for The Artist, $20,000 in rewards to win

Artist or art lover, you are looking for a social network that will benefit your passion? Do you know The Artist project and its Faceart collection? No ? Or rather not yet. Ready to discover the project and win one of the rewards of the $20,000 project pool? Then let’s go!

Note Coinpri is one of the 25 partners of the project. If you want to try your luck at winning prizes from the $20,000 prize pool, go to our Twitter. Good luck!

FaceArt, the Artist, Kesako?

To begin with, you must ask yourself what is Face Art and it is quite normal. It is a collection of NFT dedicated to artists and representing the four founders of The Artist.

Each face is cut into more than 200 features (skull, ear, mouth, neck, eyes, background, frame). The NFT also have different rarities: the “Neutral”, the “Rares”, the “Epics” and the “Legendary”.

But beware, these are not simple tables. In the manner of the portrait of Dorian Gray, a part of the soul of the crew members is trapped in these works of art.

“Crew, what are you talking about, where did that come from!?”

That’s a good question, and for the answer, I invite you to go to the Discord of the project for an interactive experience that will tell you everything in detail.

In the meantime you can remember that The Artist is a mix between Instagram and Linkedin where professionals and amateurs can meet, discuss, exchange and collaborate. Whether you want to find contracts or develop your network, the network The Artist is made for you.

The Faceart collection is there to finance the initiative and of course to offer counterparts to its holders…

Faceart, NFT with utilities

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s talk about an important principle: the merging and creation of NFTs.

I told you before about the rarity levels, these are obtained by merging NFTs.

In fact, when creating NFT, the available NFT are not Face’Art, but energy capsules. To be able to perform a fusion, you must have a positive energy capsule (blue) and a negative energy capsule (purple).

These capsules do not exist in unlimited number, there are only 6800 of them (3400 positive and 3400 negative). You will have understood, at the end there will be only 3400 NFT Face’art. This is where the magic of chance comes in, giving you a more or less rare NFT.

If you’re curious, here’s the exact breakdown:

  • 2 000 NFT Neutral
  • 800 NFT Rare
  • 400 NFT Epic
  • 200 NFT Legendary.

Capsules will be available in waves so be prepared.

Well now that you know how scarcity works, here is the list of utilities:

  • Eth drop : obtains a part of the financial retribution of The Artist according to the rarity of your NFT;
  • Lifetime subscription to TheArtist: you will be able to take full advantage of the platform;
  • VIP member of the private Discord: preview, investment, raffle, you’ll know everything before anyone else;
  • TheArtist Beta Tester: help improve the platform you love so much;
  • Private events: gala, webinar, conferences, take full advantage of the community TheArtist
  • Member of the investment fund for projects in the arts : to you the possibility of obtaining shares in projects pre-approved by the team TheArtist ;
  • TheArtist Clothing Line: flex IRL and IVL with your best clothes TheArtist ;
  • Tokenization of TheArtist: gets tokens for free.

To learn more about the Roadmap, the team or try to open the Chest of Chests, it is on the Discord that it happens!

Once you have your first NFT in your pocket, you will be able to access an affiliate platform to earn capsules. The formula is simple: if 3 of your referrals buy a capsule, you get a free capsule. Note that the capsules will be exclusively available during a private sale and require a referral link.

The first people who will be able to sponsor will be the first NFT owners: those with a Whitelist. Since there are only 200 of them, it’s up to you to find one…. Just kidding, Coinpri is here to help you!

25 partners and $20,000 in rewards to be won!

What would a community project be without community rewards? From May 17 at 7:00 PM (GMT+2) to May 20 at 7:00 PM (GMT+2) you will have the opportunity to win rewards from 25 project partners, a prize pool worth $20,000!

Coinpri is one of the partners and on this occasion we offer you the opportunity to win :

  • 1 NFT Faceart: to you the capsules quickly, it is not beautiful the life?
  • 3 WL Faceart: you will be able to mine your own NFT FaceArt
  • 1 Coinpri T-shirt : to officially join the Coinpri Gang And show everyone that you fully understand blockchain and cryptos 😎

To participate, we give you see you on our Twitter and if you have any questions or comments about the project, don’t hesitate to let us know. Good luck! 😉